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Nov 22, 2010

redirect works when http node down but not when https node down

I have this rule working when the nodes are down in the http pool but it does not work when the nodes are down in the https pool. Does anyone have any suggestions ?






when LB_FAILED {


if { [active_members [LB::server pool]] < 1 } {


The redirect will be sent only if LB_FAILED


was because the pool had no available members.


HTTP::fallback ""






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  • Hi John,



    Do you have a client SSL profile added to the HTTPS VS? If so, the iRule should work the same on both virtual servers. If not, you'll need to add a client SSL profile in order to send an HTTP response to the client.



    If you only want to decrypt the SSL if the pool is down in order to send a response, you could use an iRule like this:





  • Hi,


    what I have found out from a bit of trouble shooting is that when i added the irule it told me i could not until I add an http profile. i add the standard http profile and test without the irule and it breaks access to the https site. looking at creating a new http profle i am not sure which option is causing to break or which option will fix it


  • In order for LTM to inspect or modify the HTTP, you'll need to have LTM decrypt the SSL using a client SSL profile. If you do add an HTTP profile and don't add a client SSL profile, all HTTPS traffic to the VS will fail as LTM can't process it as HTTP.