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Aug 22, 2017

redirect an external https request to an internal website and append a URI

Hi All


I have a website that is to be accessed from external to my network. the request will hit my F5 in the DMZ and then be reversed proxied to an internal F5. This internal F5 will then load balance to a set of webservers and then a uri will be appended so that it can hit a specific page.


I have tried the redirect irule but this just send the redirect to external source who then cannot process the redirect because it is not accessible directly outside.


the flow is as follows 1. External user types in webpage address e.g 2. This hits a virtual ip in my DMZ e.g 3. This reverse proxies to a virtual ip hosted on my internal F5 e.g 4. this then load balances to 2 webservers e.g and and appends a uri /login


Any ideas on how to achieve this