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Aug 20, 2017

reactivation of license is required ?

I am using the F5 LTMs 2000s in my production environment. I am using 11.2.1 version on the system. Now i want to upgrade the system from 11.2.1 to 11.6. Just want to confirm that does the reactivation of license is required in my case or not? Kindly help me in that.


Service Check date of the system: Active system: 2014 08 20 Standby System: 2014 09 03


License check date in which we want to upgrade the system:


11.6.0 - 11.6.1-->2014-08-05


Kindly help me does the activation of license is required. ? thanks.


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  • Hi,


    Even if not required, an upgrade is the good time to do it!


    According to the provided dates, license reactivation is not required


  • Hi faizan,


    The license reactivation interrupts the traffic.


    So I recommend you to do it in this order to limit down time :


    • first do it on the standby device (secondary device), As it is in standby mode it will have no impact. Then upgrade this device.


    • once you upgraded the secondary device you will need to manually failover on this device. After that you can reactivate the license of the primary device (standby)


    In this manner the license reactivation will have no impact on your cluster because each time you've done it on the standby unit.


    Hope it helps