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Feb 26, 2012

RAID Status: Degraded




I have received the below Syslog on one of my 6900 Box which is running BIGIP-








local/bigip1 alert kernel: raid1: Disk failure on dm-36, disabling device.




Now the RAID Status is showing us Degraded. Could someone help me in explaining the criticality of this log and the Remedy for the same.




Thanks in advance.


Pandiarajan .K



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  • Hi Pandiarajan,



    I'd open a case with F5 Support on this. I imagine one of the two disks in the RAID has failed and needs to be replaced. As the 6900 uses an array of disks, you should only lose data if the other disk fails before you replace the currently failed disk.



  • Thanks Aaron,



    I have opened a case with the F5 Support and waiting for the RMA.