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Sep 29, 2011

Radius UTP Irule if from send to WIP



Can anyone provide some information on making an Irule, on an LTM, as follows?:




If connection is sourced from, and the destination is to a virtual server IP of, using utp port 1812 (Radius), send the connection to the WIP on a GTM of








The GTM WIP will have two virtual servers, using port 1812, in different physical locations.




We have to use an Irule, because:


1. We can't put in the GTM WIP URL on the APM, because the APM turns the URL into the current IP that's in


use on the GTM.


2. We can't point the APM to a virtual server, because both of these servers are located in different/


physical locations. And one of the LTM's are setup so the internal servers cannot see the internal network.


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