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Jan 07, 2007

Protect against Cross Site Scripting




F5 have 3 Main Items: Security, Performance and Reliability.


You get Security on BIGIP if you can acivate the ASM option, that means only withthe Model 6400 and higher.



I have many customers running the 1500 or 3400 Model, and they also want some security.



I am looking for iRules to add some security.


I know, there is one for Anti-Phishing.



But does have someone developp iRules to protect against Cross Site scripting ? or other http attacks?



thansk in advance




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    Just yesterday, actually, I posted a Tech Tip that relates directly to Cross Site Scripting. This particular example deals with the recent Adobe vulnerability that's been discovered.



    You can read more here: Click here



    Besides this, there are several iRules on DevCentral that deal directly with security (SocialSecurity and Credit Card scrubbers, post rate limiting, masking server resources, etc.) I'd recommend checking the iRule Tech Tips Click here, the blogs, and the codeshare, as well as the forums.