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Apr 01, 2011

Problem with website Pool using port 443




We've set up this new UAT website to only use https so the pool members are load balancing using port 443. The health monitor I've created is also using https. Everything looks fine as the Pool members are green but I'm not able to access the website using the Virtual Server, it just seems to timeout. Just wondered what steps I can take on the F5 to troubleshoot this as I can access the site fine if I connect directly to the webservers?






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  • Try run a tcpdump on ingress & egress of the LTM, this will tell you if the LTM is stopping the traffic (likely to be a config issue) or if the server is not responding.
  • Sorted, realised I had to apply the server-side ssl profile to the Virtual Severs.



  • Yes sir, you're going to need to re-encrypt that traffic.. ;)



    Another thing you should consider, if your environment allows it, is totally offloading the SSL. One of the major benefits of terminating SSL on the LTM is you save the processing of decrypting/encrypting at the server.. no need for that overhead or special ssl cards..



    In order to do that you would need HTTP at the server vs. HTTPS, go back to no server-side ssl profile, and a http monitor vs https..