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Feb 23, 2022

problem setting up a virtual server

Hello, I am new to F5, 

I setup a F5 BIG-IP Build 0.0.10 Point Release 1 cloud version. I setup a simple pool with just one http server, then setup the virtual server(standard), I am not doing any vlan or tunnel setup, just using the big-ip ip as destination address, and the http server is on the same network segment as the  big-ip.

when I hit the virtual server, I can see traffic going to the pool and got the response, but the response never get back to. the client. btw, virtual server is enabled, and pools have http health check and shows green and available.

I searched the internet but did not find any thing, please help.






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  • Hi 

    I guess you need check server gateway ip

    server can't send respond when server gateway is not f5 floating ip

    you need configure source nat on virtual server if you can't change server gateway

  • As suggested by Neeeewbie,
    from what you say, I'm guessing that you don't have F5 as your nodes' gateway.

    So check the "Source address translation" setting:
    If you set it to "Auto Map" F5 will present the packet with its own Floating IP to your nodes and they will know who to reply to.

    If you want to use specific IPs for SNAT you have to create a SNAT pool.

    If you leave the setting to "none" your nodes will see the packet coming from the "Client IP addr".
    So if then node or gateway don't know the route you won't get any reply.

    I hope I was clear and helpful.

    Have a nice day.