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Mar 03, 2011

Problem connect to Management WebUI

I am installing BiGIP VE on a laptop with no wired network. I am opting for a static management IP address (no DHCP). From my research, I

note that there may be issues with mapping vmnet0 (the bridged network), to a wireless adaptor. Indeed, there is no VMNET0 in output from ipconfig /all. Am I correct that:




vmnet0 is the bridged mode adapter




without a vmnet0 I won't be able to run VE with the default configuration




Finally, are any recommendations for configuring the mgt port in either NAT or host only mode?












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  • If your using VM Worksation7 it has a great explanation of bridge/nat/host only via help>Contents.


    If you want your virtual lab to be isolated then just use Host only mode. I found this the easiest way to be able to browse to the mgt ip via gui from my host. If you do use this method your initial mention of your wireless adaptor is irelevant as you will use your virtual interfaces only. Nat mode will share your hosts ip address on an actual network.