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May 24, 2012

problem activating 1600 license

We have racked the Big-Ip 1600, and can now login to the boxes web config throug the management port.



The next problem is activating the license.



1. The base license key is there. Does this contain all our purchased modules?


2. If not, where do we find our additiional component license keys?


3. the licnese activation process fails. The setup guide does not mention any ports which need to be opened. What ports are needed and to what IPs so we can allow this in the FW rules? Is this documented anywhere?






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    Hi Bob,



    In web-console


    1) Goto system -> License


    2) Click -> activate


    3) In the Base Registration Key text box --> click on edit --> paste the license key in the text box


    4) If there are any add-on keys paste it in the add-on key text box and click add


    5) If you choose activation method as "automatic", it will automatically copy the dossier created to license server and fetch the license key


    6) If you choose the activation method as "manual", you need to copy the dossier and go on with the step-2 "Click here to access F5 Licensing Server "


    7) After clicking it will redirect you to the url "" in that click "activate license" hyperlink


    8) Paste the dossier which you copied in step-6 and click "next"


    9) Now you will get the license, just copy the license in the text area and paste it in the step-3 license text box of your LTM's web-console and click "next"


    10) Now your box is licensed and ready to use.




    In CLI,



    just issue the following the command



    SOAPLicenseClient --basekey --addkey --host






    If you are using version greater than 11.x


    1) issue "tmsh"


    2) issue "sys license"


    3) issue "install registration-key "