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Mar 20, 2014

Priority group failback

I need to figure out how to sever a persistent TCP connection in order to allow my lower priority group to failback to the higher priority group. Anyone know of an iRule way of doing this?


Basically, I would want to issue a TCP RST or FIN to the lower group server/client in the event that the higher group comes back online.


Thanks for any ideas,




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  • Hi!

    Assume that is the primary server and is the fallback this should work (per request):

        if { [LB::status pool poolname member 80] equals "up" and [IP::addr [LB::server addr] equals] } {

    If you have more than one server in the priority group, just add some "or" to the if statement.


  • I think I tested it back then and it worked. You might want to test it yourself in a test environment though to make sure your client can handle reconnecting.


    And don't forget to actually configure the priority groups. Otherwise you fill get some less desirable results.