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Dec 30, 2011

Possible to inject a 'Loading icon' for certain pages?

Hi there,



We've recently hit a scenario whereby a lot of our application reports are taking a long time to render.



Ideally, I dont want any user to be sat with a blank page for more than 10-15 seconds, which for the rest of the application is perfectly do-able... Any more than that and the F5 returns a 'sorry, something's gone wrong page'...



However for reports we know that they're likely to take more than 10-15 seconds... Ideally, I'd get the developers to rewrite the app such that it returns a 'loading icon' when running the reports... However they've indicated that that's likely to take a few months to come to fruition...



So I thought to myself, what if I could use an iRule to inject the relevant code and images, and then reload the page when the server responds...



Before I start down this path, does this sound feasible? Anybody done anything similar that I can use for a starter?



Cheers in advance for any replies.




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  • Hi Gavin,


    I went down this road 3 years ago and we came to several conclusions before any attempt made to write one piece of irule code:




    1) Lines between app and F5 support are blurred


    2) App owners would take even longer to write up a fix because a "workaround" would be in place with no incentive to resolve


    3) The Application would need to be already written to respond to the F5 in a manner which can be used to work with a status page



    Again this is what we came up with, but I thought of offering some insight as to how it was handled within my company



  • It seems to me that it's feasible but it depends on how the application is designed and written.



    One scenario is to inject a div with loading page and to load the report to another hidden div. Once it's loaded, you remove the div with loading page and show the main page.