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Oct 07, 2021

Pool with Range of ports

I have VS which listen to port 443 and 80 , mapped to pool which listen to rang of port ex 1000 - 2000

in this case i have create pool with * services port ( any) and associated with i rule. Does the below correct?

TCP::local_port is the correct one? or not?


        if { [TCP::local_port] => 1000 and [TCP::local_port] <= 2000 } {



        else {




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  • on serverside session (SERVER_CONNECTED) [TCP::server_port] command returns the pool member port.


    But your setup won't work in my opinion because VIP should be listening on wildcard port, if you wish to send the traffic to pool member on wildcard ports and incoming traffic should come on the target port of the server to F5.