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Aug 12, 2011

Pool still up when no members available




Would you believe that if you have two pool members, one inactive and the other disabled the pool can still be available (green) even though no members are available? As long as the disabled pool member is still passing health checks the pool is still considered up. I am quite shocked this is considered an active pool when you cannot send new traffic to it. The only way to make the pool go offline is to force the disabled member offline.




Is this a design....... feature? System is BIG-IP LTM 10.2.1 HF1.













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  • Hi Kevin,



    This is correct because a disabled pool member still allows new connections from returning clients (persistence), and therefore the pool will still be available.



  • Hi Kevin,


    Matt is totally right. A poolmember can have three different states:


    - enable (all connections are allowed)


    - disabled (only active and persistened connections are allowed)


    - force offline (only active connections are allowed)


    All these three states will keep the overall pool status as green, because at least active connections (e.g. long term session as FTP or SSH) are allowed.


    The status of a pool will only turn into red, if all poolmembers are marked as down by its monitor.


    So at the moment your BIG-IP works as designed.



    Ciao Stefan :)