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Mar 02, 2012

Pool availabilty percentage alerting

I am trying to find out if there is a way to monitor a single pool's availability percentage within an LTM.



Meaning we have a requirement to alert specific groups, ie web operations, networking etc. when pool pool_test goes below 80% of available members. I have looked through the alertd.conf file and have only found where it will alert on member status.



I hope I have explained this well enough for someone to respond if not please ask me for more info.


If someone has done this or knows where to point me I would appreciate it very much. Also I apologize if this has been posted or is an easy configuration that I should know, I'm just not familiar with it if it is.

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  • Hi Steve,



    I think SNMP polling from a management station would be the most efficient way to do this from an LTM perspective. You could check each pool's total count and available member count every X seconds or minutes without much of a performance hit on LTM.



    Else, if you wanted to implement the logic on LTM, you could write a script that checks each pool for active % of members and run it from cron. Or you could use an iRule which checks the percentage using [active members] / [members] and send a custom log message which triggers an SNMP trap.



    But again, doing this type of management alerting off box makes the most sense to me.



  • Aaron, thanks for the response, I agree off box is the way to go, I know there is an OID for pool member status and one for pool member status up, but is there a different OID for a pool's total count and available member count?