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Apr 08, 2014

Please help me with reverting changes

I am not an expert on BIG IP and learning new things every day.


I accidentaly deleted the structure in visual edit for a access profile. I have not applied the policy.


How can i revert the accidental delete?


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  • If you have a pair of units why dont you have the standby unit sync the config over to the primary?


    Also id you have UCS archive or a prior configuration you can pull the access profile from there


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    Check /config/bigip.conf.bak. Possibly it's still have your policy.


  • Thanks for reply. I was finally able to get the config file from an old backup. Thanks.


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    After 6 years, you still CANT undo changes to access profile.

    The whole APM Editor seems to be very beta. It has a lot of bugs. If you hit such a bug, you have no chance to revert your changes this bug made to your configuration.

    I can't understand why it is not possible to revert changes! You can apply but not revert. Very frustrating.

    Now i have to restore a backup file to a production system. Perfect.