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Jul 28, 2011


Hello All,



I have a old F5 unit running BIG-IP 4.6.4 BIG-IP Kernel 4.6.4 Build8 i386 , i want to know the PLATFORM INFORMATION , but it do not support the command


b platform. Can you please gide how can i get this info from the box.






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  • Hi JD,


    If i recall there isn't really a command to output hardware details of the unit in one command. However, the bigip.license file should have the platform number. You can then go to to look up more details.



  • Hi JD,


    Another way to get detail is to submit serial number to F5s validation site




    Once you submitted the serial number along with your email. F5 automated system will email you details about the platform, warrenty, device ID


    , etc




    I hope this helps






  • Not sure about v4 (been WAY too long) but with tmsh in v10+, the command is:



    tmsh show /sys hardware








    Chassis Fan Status


    Index Status Fan Speed(rpm)


    1 up 10227


    2 up 10227


    3 up 10546



    Chassis Information


    Maximum MAC Count 2


    Registration Key -



    Chassis Power Supply Status


    Index Status


    1 up


    2 not-present



    Chassis Temperature Status


    Index Temp(degC) Location


    1 23 Air Inlet



    CPU Status


    Index Temp(degC) Fan Speed(rpm)


    1 38 10546



    Hardware Version Information


    Name cn0


    Type crypto


    Model Cavium NITROX-PX


    Parameters -- --


    version CNPx-MC-SSL-MAIN-0017



    Name cpld


    Type pic


    Model F5 cpld


    Parameters -- --


    version 0x13



    Name cpus


    Type base-board


    Model Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6400 @ 2.13GHz


    Parameters -- --


    cache size 2048 KB


    cores 2 (cores/cpu:2)


    cpu MHz 2133.467






    Name BIG-IP 3600


    BIOS Revision F5 Platform: C103 OBJ-0335-01 BIOS (build: 130) Date: 12/28/09


    Base MAC 0:1:d7:99:47:40



    System Information


    Type C103


    Chassis Serial f5-xxxx-xxxx


    Level 200/400 Part 200-0293-06 REV A


    Switchboard Serial


    Switchboard Part Revision


    Host Board Serial


    Host Board Part Revision