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Apr 28, 2011

ping from a route domain



just wondering, in order to test the routing on a route domain do you ping to the destination with the %id after it?


ie for route domain 13 - ping


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  • See SOL10467 for details on using CLI utilities to check virtual servers and pool members when using route domains:



    sol10467: Userland applications on a BIG-IP system cannot connect to hosts in non-default route domains




  • Used when troubleshootign wioth telnet in a vrd environemnt (as per SOL10467)


     telnetvrd: Simple perl wrapper when trying to troubleshoot using telnet and Virtual Route
     Domains, (See VRD, SOL10467)
     Use as you would with ping, e.g. telnet 8080
     It'll save going through the Hex conversion.
     There are plenty of ways to improve it but its simple enough for my needs.
     Easily converted to bash shell if required.
     Note: If BigIP is running code pre 10.1.0, the baseStr value should be changed to:
    $vrd = ""; $hexvrd = ""; $ip = ""; $port = ""; $arg = "";
    ($ip, $vrd) = split(/%/, $ARGV[0]); $port = $ARGV[1];
    $hexvrd = sprintf("%04x", $vrd); $arg = $baseStr.$hexvrd.":".$ip." ".$port;
    `telnet $arg`;
  • Also, note there is the "rdsh" command in 11.x. This sets a unix shell from the cli that then uses the route domain normally.


    rdsh 1105
     PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
    64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=255 time=2.20 ms
    64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=255 time=0.975 ms
     telnet 890
    Connected to (
    Escape character is '^]'.
    telnet> quit
    Connection closed.
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      really hoping 'rdsh' introduces a cmd prompt change, so you can tell when you are not in rdsh 0. Have given F5 this feedback. Its annoying because certain commands won't work until you jump back into rdsh 0, which can lead one to researching the command etc only to remember to jump back into rdsh 0.
  • What about testing in 10.2.4? Seems like F5 doesnt want to help those that cant get to new code.


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      Hi fredO 01,

      BIGIP 10.2.4 released in 2012 is not supported anymore since 2015.

      Don't blame F5 to stop support of old versions!

      The answer was provided in this thread!


      rdsh 10
      if route domain I'd is 10

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      Except that rdsh 10 (or route domain number) doesn't work in 10.2.4(or at least I haven't been able to make it work) so you simply confirmed what I said that similar facility to rdsh on pre 11.x code, isn't available. Having to convert to an ipv6 address to test L4 route domain functionality isn't super useful. Blaming F5 for not supporting old versions? No. Blaming F5 for introducing route domains in 10.x and not providing better testing tools in 10.x? you decide.


      find / -iname "rdsh"