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Nov 30, 2021

Ping between vlans on Big IP

Hello, I have the following on a BIG IP V16 VE running on Eve-NG. 2 linux boxes, one with ip of and one with, the BIG IP is connected to these machines on VLAN 10 and 20 respectively and I have 2 self-ip's of for vlan 10 and for vlan 20 and the interfaces above are assigned to those vlans. They are connected via links E1.1 and E1.2 with E1.1 on VLAN 10 and E1.2 on VLAN 20. I can ping from the linux box to and from the BIG IP CLI to and same for VLAN 20. ip route command on both EVE-NG and linux look good. What am I missing? I want these machines to first ping each other and then the internet which is my next hurdle. The ARP table shows the linux boxes so thats good. The route domain 0 is there and I have turned off Strict Isolation. I have also enable Allow All on the self ip Port Lockdown options for both IP's. What am I missing, first time doing this with BIG IP!

In a nut shell, I am trying to ping from subnet A to subnet B and visa-versa

Thanks - Geoff

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  • Hi Geoff,


    By default the F5 BIG-IP is a 'deny all' device, so you have to configure an IP forwarding virtual server. Make sure you create one that allows to forward (route) any protocol. See: for more information.

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      Hello Niels, got it working with the help of your link so thanks! I can’t seem to add subnets only hosts even though the option is there, I’ll keep playing to try and figure it out. Thanks again you saved me from hours of pain!! Geoff