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Aug 22, 2023

Persistence problems

Hi Team,

We have enabled source add no timeout persistence in our virtual server list and in that pool we have 2 nodes. 

when we enable the above persistence and two nodes are enale form our virtual machine we are unable to connect it but in that pool if we have one node disable the other nodes the application form virtual machine will work


So could anyone please help us to change or check another configurations

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  • I think you are using this type of persistence, right :?

    "Source address affinity persistence Also known as simple persistence, source address affinity persistence supports TCP and UDP protocols, and directs session requests to the same server based solely on the source IP address of a packet. You generally use this type of persistence technique with stateless applications or streaming content (video and audio) as a means to more evenly distribute load."

    When you test this you need to test from multiple  sources (you need to have different IP).