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Jun 19, 2021

Persistence is must to mention in irule ?


in virtual server persistence is enabled (ssl persistence) but no default pool is selected,

but using irule to select pool based on Http PATH,. with switch /path.

there are two pools, mentioned in irule which got selected based on /path.


now, wither i need to mention persistence in irule or persistence mentioned in virtual sever will be applicable.

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  • The virtual server persistence will be applied.

    However, because you are creating an entry in the persistence table based on the ssl sessionid, each time you change pools in the irule, a new load-balancing decision will be made, and the old persistence record overwritten with the new pool member.


    This means that you will not have persistence within each pool, which may not provide the solution you need.


    You could use cookie persistence (using the default cookie persistence name), because this includes the pool name in the cookie name, and you can have separate persistence information for each pool. The browser will have two BigIP persistence cookies, one for each pool.

    You should ensure that you enable a oneconnect profile on the virtual server, to ensure that a load-balancing decision is made per HTTP request.