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Oct 25, 2010

Pb with Ip matchclass adress datagroup in partition

Hi, I have on Virtual Server which uses by default a POOL-A.


I need to forward to another POOL-B if :


-> RemoteIp is known in a adress datagroup, ie. datagroup_ips


-> Path contains a pattern, ie. test



The problem is that the RemoteIp (known in the datagroup_ips) is not detected during CLIENT_ACCEPTED event with matchclass tool.



The RemoteIp logged is SrcIp=(, with partition subinfo and the adress datagroup seems to be good :


Extract from bigip.conf (set by GUI):


class datagroup_ips { host }



I think I have a problem with partition subinfo matchclass comparaison beacause when I replace the adress datagroup by a string datagroup with the string "", it works well !



Question : How to use adress datagroup ? for moment i don't have subnet or mask to use but I think it could early be necessary.



Thanks in advance,


Rodolphe (fr)





log "SrcIp=([IP::client_addr])"



Check if the client IP is in the datagroup_ips datagroup


if { [matchclass [IP::client_addr] equals $::datagroup_ips ] } {


Select poolA and track that we've selected a pool


log "SrcIp=([IP::client_addr]) forwarded to pool POOL-B" pool POOL-B set pool_selected 1


} else {


Continue checking the URI to select a pool


log "SrcIp=([IP::client_addr]) (default) forwarded to pool POOL-A" set pool_selected 0 }







log "Path=([HTTP::path])"


Check if the pool has already been selected


if {$pool_selected}{


Exit this event in this rule return


} else {


Check the requested path


switch -glob [HTTP::path] {


"*test*" {


log "Path=([HTTP::path]) forwarded to pool POOL-B" pool POOL-B




default {


log "Path=([HTTP::path]) (default) forwarded to pool POOL-A" pool POOL-A












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  • Hi Rodolphe,



    This known limitation with the class-related commands is noted in bug ID 337222. Apparently a fix is already planned. In the meantime, there are a few workarounds discussed in this thread:



    IP-address based classes support routing domains in v10.1?