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Dec 29, 2022

Outlook NTL Authentication

Hello Everyone I'm tring to Use F5 APM in the middle of communications between user and Microsoft Exchange server 2013 and I use Exchange IApp templte to configure login Page and access policy and e...
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    Dec 31, 2022


    Maybe do we have some discrepancy with the configurartion.

    If OutLook is actually configured with using NTLM, BigIP should be using nlad daemon (and not apmd!) to perform the authentication; and it's not expected at all to see some Access Policy logs about "AD Auth"; which, most of the time, will be used when the client is configured with Basic Authentication.

    I'd suggest we double check the Exchange profile is configured with NTLM as Front-end authentication for OutLook Anywhere. And the Access Policy should branch to any "NTLM Auth Result" agent. If any difficulty with NTLM authentication, we'd need to raise the log levels for eca/nlad.

    Hope this help ...