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Mar 14, 2012

Oracle Monitor not working on GTM. Need Suggestions.

Hi everyone!



I am in a situation and need help.



I am trying to create an "Oracle Monitor" for an Application Server which would log on to the Backend Database Server and run a query to see if the database is working fine. If not the application node whoud be marked as down by the GTM and users should be directed to the DR Site.



The problem is that as soon as i apply the monitor on the VS in the GTM, the VS is marked as down.


The settings for the Oracle monitor are:


I have created a table in the database specially for this purpose which has a static vaule "X" in it.


I have created a username and password for GTM to log onto the Database.


I have the database name and the TCP Port.


The Database version is 11g.



Also, if I apply a TCP based monitor using the IP Address of the Database Server and the Port, it works fine so I believe that there is no issue of communication between the GTM and the Database.


Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!



(The monitor screenshot is attached)


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  • If anyone can help me out here I would appreciate it! I need this to finish the project.
  • Hello Chris,



    First of all thanks for responding!



    The issue was that even though the LTMs and the DB servers are on the inside, the network admin had blocked the traffic between the 2 using the FWSM (as they are in separate VLANS).



    When I tried to connect to the Database using the LTM CLI, I was unable to do so. That is when I found out that the traffic is being blocked.



    Now, after the necessary rules have been created it is working fine.



    Secondly, to explain my scenario, there were 2 APP Servers for the inside users being Load Balanced by the LTM's plus 1 APP Server in the DMZ for the internet users.



    It was required to base the availability of APP Servers in both these zones (inside & DMZ) on the DB availability, which is why I needed to run the DB monitors on the GTM (for the DMZ APP Server) and after getting the network admin to open the traffic between the GTM and the NAT IP of the DB Servers in the DMZ the monitors are running on the GTMs also.



    Thanks for your response once again.