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Feb 01, 2023

OpenAPI not valid?

Hi. New here. 

We use 15.1.4 with ASM licensed. According to documentation, OpenAPI 3.0 specifications should be available since 14.1.3. 
We get "openapi.json is not a valid OpenAPI spec file" when trying the "Guided Configuration" on the ASM module with a spec on 3.0.2. Any idea what we are missing?



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  • Hey traphix  - welcome to DevCentral! Did the article G-Rob link help you, or are you still having the issue? If it DID help, please make sure to click Accept as Solution so future users can easily find resolution. And if not, please let us know so we can keep troubleshooting. 

  • Hi. That K article sounds like the issue we are experiencing. 

    Now, we have the same issue not only on the ASM module, but also when trying to create a APM API protection profile. Same error message: "/var/config/rest/downloads/openapi.json is not a valid OpenAPI spec file.". 

    The openapi spec file is in version 3.0.2 and used with other tools without issues. 

    Furthermore, we now also have an F5 running 16.1.3. Again, when creating an API protection profile on APM it fails. This time with the error message: " status:400, body:{"code":400,"message":"transaction failed:\"the\" unknown property","errorStack":[],"apiError":2}".

    What's wrong with our approach?



  • So the error changed when you upgraded to version 16.1.3? The error message with the 400 status shows that there is unexpected data in the file. I understand that it's working with other tools, but we'd need to see that file to diagnose. Thus, a support case is likely your best.