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Jul 06, 2012

One Virtual server - using rewrite to direct to multiple pools

I have the following iRule:



if { [string tolower [HTTP::path]] contains "/qa" } {


log local0. "HTTP::path = [HTTP::path]"


log local0. "URI = [HTTP::uri]"


log local0. "Query = [HTTP::query]"


set new_path [string map { "/qa" "" } [HTTP::path]]


log local0. "Modified URI: $new_path"


HTTP::path $new_path


pool qa_pool





What I am trying to do here is to create a virtual server with multiple pools for test,qa etc. The irule will use an "indicator" within the URI to direct the traffic to a specific pool after the "indicator" is removed.



For example, If the real URL is http://servername/BOE/CMC, then, I want the user to provide the URL as http://servername/qa/BOE/CMC.



This works fine for the first time and gives me the Business Objects log on page as expected, but, after the credentials are provided and I hit "SUBMIT", nothing happens!



What am I missing? Any help will be very much appreciated!





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    The user might provide that in the URL, however what do the web pages have in their aref's? You might have to use stream to replace/change all aref's.
  • have you used http analyzer? it could be useful when analyzing http traffic.