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Apr 11, 2023

One Arm and Two Arm in the same F5 LTM

Hi Guys.

I have question regarding the one arm and two arm. Could we have one arm and two arm in the same F5 LTM? I tried to find the info but no success.  If there any references link for this?

Thanks in advance.

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  • You can, service configuration can be independent and BIG-IP supports the option to specify several routes. 

    So you can have one FrontEndVLAN_110 , tag 110 , IP addressing that serves your VIP's and forward traffic to BackEndVLAN_120, tag 120, IP addressing ; 

    while also having one different FrontEndVLAN_130, tag 130, IP addressing that forwads traffic to BE servers in the same VLAN. 

    You can restrict Virtual Server access to specific VLAN and networks. You can also build routing instances (VRF-like) for even more strictness on forwarding. 

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    To configure a One Arm or Two Arm deployment in the F5 LTM, you would need to configure the appropriate network interfaces and VLANs, as well as any necessary routing or firewall rules. The exact configuration steps will depend on your specific network topology and requirements,

  • norsyam If you mean that you would like the F5 to sit in path between two routed segments but also have a way to go around it you definitely can but that wouldn't be the ideal situation because that would involve route tracking and so on. Now if you mean you would like the F5 to sit in multiple segments while only having traffic traverse it for specific destinations that is ideal and is outlined by CA_Valli in his comment.

  • Paulius Gajji CA_Valli Thanks for the reply . Really appreciate it. My experience only on two arm setup. Thinking of to have one arm & two arm simultaneously in the same ltm.