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Feb 05, 2016

NTLM Configuration error

Hi, I'm trying to configure NTLM, and for the machine account i face the following error,

 domain join for 'HAZA' failed: Operations error, base: CN=Computers,dc=LDAP-IBRAHIM,dc=TEST, scope: 0, filter: (objectClass=*) (1)

I the below the last few packets before F5 ( closes the connection with LDAP (, I really don't know what i missed.....

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  • Unfortunately there is not enough information provided in the overview screen of Wireshark to determine what's is or is not happening. Typically the most common cause of failure to join a domain is due to DNS and or NTP issues. If you can perform an adtest command successfully from the CLI then this will rule out those issues.


    I would recommend opening an F5 support case so they can further evaluate what is unique about your environment and may be causing your issue.


  • make sure you entered the base correctly, I guess my problem as related to "CN=Computers"


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      Did you find what was the 'issue'? I have a similar issue, when trying to create a New Machine Account with NTLM, it says:


      domain join for 'HEF5D-POC-01' failed: Insufficient access, LDAP add (CN=HEF5D-POC-01,CN=Computers,DC=uni,DC=mdx,DC=ac,DC=uk) (50)