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Feb 16, 2024


Is it mandatory to use NTLM Auth result in VPE whenver we use NTLM as SSO.


we do not have an Machine account configured but i could see the policy is working .

SSO below

we have configured NTLM sso with username password domain source and NTLM domain

in VPE 

Start->logon->AD auth->sso credentail->pass


how does this work ?


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  • Hi,

    No it is not. NTLM Auth is used allow browsers to perform integrated authentication.

    Your VPE setup looks fine. Users use the logon page to authenticate against AD, username and password are passed to the NTLM SSO object.



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      Thank you,

      what you are saying is the macros will be executed first and the resulted username,password domain values will be assigned to Username,password and domain source under NTLM sso config ? correct me if i am wrong..

      that case when we are not using NTLM auth result what is the use of NTLM SSO with AD authentication. We can go with other option right ?


      is there any specific videos/training materials for F5 APM SSO 

  • 1.So the values that are executed via sso credential mapping in macros is assigned to NTLM username passord domain source or its vise versa?