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Dec 19, 2011

Node UP and Node Down messages do not get written

I have 2 x 3400 BigIP LTM's running 9.4.7 - I have combed the threads here for someone with a similar issue - I've seen how to fix smtp and email alerts but no one seems to have the same issue where the basic monitors simply do not write to the logs when a node becomes unavailable.



The system knows it's down and marks it unavailable in the pool but no entries appear in any of the local logs - I've grepped them all for Node and DOWN, etc.



I can write a custom log and use logger -p local0.error "message" to manually write to the log but I do not want to create a custom log for every pool and every situation when there are built in monitors. Specifically I would like the tcp monitor to work correctly.



I hope this is not a common problem that I've simply overlooked, wasting people's time - on the other hand it would be great if it was as simple as "b db bigd.lognodestatuschange enable" if it solved my issue (I've tried this btw!).



Let me know what other information you require and I'll post whatever is necessary.



Thanks in advance.


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