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Nov 30, 2017

No link down time on Failover on 11.5.3 HF2

Hi, everyone


I have a question.


I do not config 'Link down time on failover' in 11.5.3 HF 2, but Device(Standby)'s all Link is down when I do failover.


p.s I changed device(Active) and do Test Failvoer.


Is it bug?


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  • Usually, you can use the Link Down Time on Failover setting to specify the amount of time, in seconds, that interfaces for any VLANs on external devices are down when the unit fails over and goes to a standby state.


    In your case, if it is not enabled then seems to be a bug. I feel better to open a ticket with a vendor.


  • sorry to raise an old question. but just to clarify; if there are two devices num1 and num2... num2 goes standby because num1 is now active. the link down time is how long num2 shuts down its interfaces? 0 being 'forever', presumably there will be a 'link up' when needed (ie when num2 goes active)? sorry, i've been scouring to find clarity and am at a loss.