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Feb 09, 2012

network failover timers

Hi Gurus!



I have 2 questions:


I've been using hardware failover for many years, but now I have to use network failover (hardware failovers are almost invisible for the end users). As I understand from the manuals network failover time is fixed - Failover.NetTimeoutSec = 3. The best what I can achive is 5 seconds. Is there any possibility to lower that time?





And secondly, I'm using interface failsafe, that detects link status. If either uplink or downlink is down, failover occurs. If this link is flapping, failover ja failback occurs, making (with 5 second downtime on failover and 5 second on failback) more downtime than uptime... Is it possible to configure failback timer?




And I'm running LTM version 10.2 with 2 dedicated links between the 2 boxes and in the testing environment the length of the cables is 1,5m or 5ft.




Thanks in advance,




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  • Hi Teet,



    Is there any possibility to lower that time?



    You could try, but I think you risk errant failover events if it's lower.



    And secondly, I'm using interface failsafe



    HA groups should provide faster failover and more intelligence than VLAN failsafe:






    One of the benefits of configuring an HA group is a feature known as fast failover. When you configure the HA group, the process of one BIG-IP unit failing over to the other based on HA scores is noticeably faster than if failover occurs due to a hardware or daemon failure.