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May 25, 2011

network config that needs to be added when adding new VLAN

Hi everyone,



I have a F5-BIG-LTM-1600 and 2 VLANs - VLAN 664 (10.20.64.X) & 666 (10.20.66.X).


VLAN 664 contain the VS IPs and Client IPs.


VLAN 666 contain the Pool members.



I recently added a 3rd VLAN - VLAN 306 and converted some Pool members from VLAN 666 to 306.



The sequence of steps used to add VLAN 306 were:



1. Connect Interface 1.3 physically to VLAN


2. Create new VLAN called VLAN306


3. Add self IP for VLAN306 (


4. Change server IP and modify Pool member IP to new IP from that VLAN


5. Test ping from VLAN306 Pool member to IP in VLAN 664 and 666 - PASS


6. Test ping from Outlook client to IP in VLAN 306, 664 and 666 - PASS


7. Test Outlook connection - FAIL



On the network configuration in the LB, I've added



route default inet











pool default_gateway_pool




members {}





virtual wildcard_vs




translate address


enable pool default_gateway_pool


destination any:any







Is there any other network configuration that needs to be added or any steps I missed that are necessary when configuring for a new VLAN?









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    Did you change the default gateway for the servers you moved?



    Failing that, what do you see if you tcpdump on the F5, looking for outlook traffic with the server and/or client IP address?






    tcpdump -i 0.0 -n -p "(host or host ) and port "