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Jun 06, 2012

netstat-like dump via icontrol?

Hi All,



Looking for a reasonable method to periodically connect to the LTM and pull a point in time netstat-like dump of the current TCP connections established at that time. Not just persistent connections but all the client to VS TCP estab'd connections



Dont really need a full netstat readout...



Just the source IP of the client and the VS IP/VS Port that the client is connected to, but globally for all VS's on the LTM.



I poked around the irules forum which had some related thoughts about rate-limiting, creating a sub-table that is populated by the tcp event, but that seems misplaced and too much



We already utilize and icontrol interface LocalLB to pull integer counters for connections/bits/stats, but what is needed is the source/vs IP and port, etc



The LTM clearly has this information to operate, is there already an icontrol call that can do this without having to whip up and irule thats applied to every single VS on my LTM's?



At most this command would run a couple of times a day. Just looking for a non-invasive/non-overkill way to get this info







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