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Jul 10, 2024

Need help to understand operation between RE and CE ?

Hi all, 


We have installed CE site in our network and this site has established IPSEC tunnels with RE nodes. The on-prem DC site has workloads (e.g actual web application servers that are serving the client requests). I have citrix netscaler background and the Citrix Netscalers ADCs are configured with VIPs which are the frontend for the client requests coming from outside (internet), when the request land on VIPs, it goes through both source NAT and destination NAT, its source address is changed to private address according to the service where the actual application servers are configured and then sent to the actual application server after changing the destination to IP address of the server. 

In XC, the request will land to the cloud first because the public IP, which is assigned to us will lead the request to RE. I have few questions regarding the events that will happen from here after

  1. Will there going to be any SNAT on the request or will it send it as it is to the site? And if there is SNAT then what IP address will it be ? and will it be done by the RE or on-prem CE 
  2. There has to be destination NAT. Will this destination NAT is going to be performed by the XC cloud or the request will be sent to the site and site will do the destination NAT ?
  3. When the request will land  the CE it will be landed in VN local outside so this means that we have to configure the network connector between the VN Local outside and the VN in which the actual workloads are configured, what type of that VN would be ?
  4. When the request will be responded by the application server in local on-prem the site the request has to go out to the XC cloud first, it will be routed via IPSEC tunnel so this means that we have to install the network connector between the Virtual network where the workloads are present and site local outside, do we have to install the default route in application VN ?
  5. Is there any document, post or article that actually help me to understand the procedure (frankly I read a lot of F5 documents but couldn’t able to find the answers
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