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May 26, 2019

Multiple Persistence Profiles & Timeouts / 1 VIP

Hi all,


Firstly, whats happened to devcentral.. All my history did not merge over and most articles are 404 now :-(


Has anyone had to figure out the following...


1 VIP, Multiple services behind that VIP using SNI.

Requests are filtered off to their respective pool via an iRule using the host header.


Everything is working as it should, however we have had some requests now to use different persistence timeouts for different ways the traffic is being filtered to. The VIP is using one persistence source addr as part of the setup, but I need to in effect use multiple persistence profiles to be used.


I have thought about universal persistence on the HTTP response, but it this the only way this can be achieved? Can the iRule not filter the request to the destination pool, but also have a persistence profile added in there also?