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Aug 18, 2021

Multiple Irule association based on SNI

Hi All,

I have a query


Think of a scenario where  SNI is configured ( to have and serving from the same Virtual server).

We will call the Virtual server as SNI-VS. and have 2 different sets of Certificates. (Signed by different CAs). So 2 diff Client SSL profiles.


I have an extra irule (An iRule that extracts client certificate details and inserts them into HTTP headers ) which is attached to virtual server  SNI-VS (which is going to serve both the URLs stated above).


I want this extra Irule to kick in only when traffic is processed and I need a different irule (not the one mentioned above) to kick in when traffic is processed.


Is there a way to do this? Could you please share some F5 docs with which I can achieve this? 


is it possible to have 2 different Irule for the same virtual server which is configured for SNI.