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Dec 11, 2018

Moving vCMP guests to newer blade - upgrade resources at same time?

Hi all -


I'm working on replacing my old B2100 blades with new B2150 blades. I'm running vCMP with the LTM guests at v12.1.2. Some of these guests have been challenged resource-wise and, since the 2150s have twice the CPU/RAM as the 2100s, I want to add resources to them.


I'm planning on using the method here: (Migrating a BIG-IP configuration to new Viprion blades using ConfigSync) and have a spare chassis where I have built the target host cluster.


So the big question is, can I go from, say, two CPUs in an existing guest to four CPUs in the target guest? I don't see anything referring to the CPU/RAM resources in the document, but may have missed something in my first reading. Has anyone done this? I will need to add resources to them eventually and thought this might be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.


The first upgrade will be to the standby systems - with the active systems held as-is in reserve in case any issues pop up in production with the new configuration.


I appreciate any feedback.


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  • Hi,


    If you have more cores on new blade, you can assign them during the migration.


    1. Migrate configurations on new blade
    2. Bring guest device to configure mode
    3. Assign more cores
    4. and then deploy the guest with assigned new cores

    Follow same process with active chassis/blade and guest (Active).