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Sep 01, 2021

Move from /PartitionA to /Common

My customer has a 3600 running 12.1.2, and wants to move their /PartitionA to /Common. Is there an easy way to do this, or will it necessitate the rebuilding of the F5 from scratch?

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    All shared/synchronized objects created under /PartitionA should be included on "/config/partitions/PartitionA/bigip.conf".

    Depending on how big a list of objects(virtual servers, pools, profiles, iRules, etc.) are in that file, it could be as simple as:

    Copying those into a text editor

    Replacing "/PartitionA" with "/Common"

    Edit "/config/bigip.conf" (make a copy or download before editing) by inserting the edited additional objects from "/config/partitions/PartitionA/bigip.conf"

    Validate the edited configuration file (tmsh load sys config verify)

    Correct any errors from the previous validation step

    Load the edited configuration file (tmsh load sys config)


    Hope that helps.