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Apr 09, 2013

Monitoring Siebel components

Hello, colleagues!


Our F5 LTM balance siebel web-tier. This implementation was done in accordance to deployment guide ( Now, our next step is implementing load balancing for Siebel App-tier.


In deployment guide recommended health monitor for node checking is HTTP GET (GET /siebel/SCbroker HTTP/1.1 \r\nHost: \r\nUser-Agent: \r\nConnection: keep-alive\r\n\r\n) and receive string SCBroker Okay.


In our siebel implementation we have six components and all six components are running on each pool member (eight app pool members):














If some of components are failed on server, health monitor will not react on component failure.


Do you have any experience with monitoring siebel components?



Thank you for reply!



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    Hi V.Sakalkin,



    Have you tried creating the monitor manually as described on page 52 of the deployment guide (



    Can you share what version of Siebel you are running and provide more info about which components are failed when the health monitor does not react?



    Do you by chance have a tcpdump of the app server's response to the BIG-IP monitor when all components are working vs. when some are down and the BIG-IP does not react?



    We'd certainly like to improve our application-specific monitors to cover as many implementation scenarios as possible and appreciate any additional information you can provide.





    Holly Willey


    F5 Product Management Engineer
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    Hi V.Sakalkin,



    Also, please confirm you have followed the monitor troublshooting steps starting on pg. 41 of the deployment guide. Another resource to check is Oracle's Tech Note: Configuring a Third Party HTTP Load Balancer for Siebel Server Load Balancing [ID 477835.1]





  • Hello, Holly,


    1). Monitor was configured manually


    2). Siebel 7.8


    3). If one component is in failed state on app server, server will send string SCbroker okay. And Health monitor will show status UP.


    So we need to create this type of monitor, which can check status of each component.


    Standard load balancing method on siebel can monitor components. So now we balance only web-tier.