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Jan 19, 2011

Monitoring anything fails

Hello Everyone,



I've set up a GTM with one data centre, link and server; and one wide ip with one pool and one virtual server (Microsoft windows 2008 using network load balancing)




What ever monitor I use, it comes back as failed and offline. I originally put this down to a network configuration issue in our set up but I have been doing some very basic tests, disabling the switch port that the GTM in plugged into to ensure the interface shows as down(it does), and that the switch port the GTM is plugged into is the correct VLAN(it is).




As I understand from researching the forums, the self ip address doesn't respond to pings for security (I don't understand what security could be gain from this?) but I really need help and ideas to what the cause of the problems I'm facing are and/or how to trouble shoot this problem.




Many thanks for any help provided,






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    Hi djfcc,



    The easiest way to test monitors is to SSH to the GTM and test manually from there. If it is an HTTP monitor that is failing, trying telnet'ing to the server in question and sending a GET request (telnet my-problematic-host 80; GET /). That will most likely fail, at which point you start tracing down the stack. Can you ping the host in question from the command line? Do you have a route to the host? Is the service down on the host?



    Keep troubleshooting. You'll find it!



  • Hi George,



    Thanks for the tips! I managed to find the problem *looking sheepish* the GTM was tagging the VLAN packets and our switches don't tag the packets.



    Thanks for the reply.