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Apr 15, 2016

Monitor License Limits via SNMP



I have 2 LTM's on 11.6.0HF6. Both devices have license limits on SSL TPS and Compression Mbps.


I'm trying to find a way to graph this data. I can see it clearly in the BIG-IP Dashboard, but I would really like this in my own monitoring devices so I can keep an eye on these thresholds over time, and set appropriate Warning and Critical thresholds BEFORE I hit that license cap.


I've been reading through the SNMP information for 11.6 here: However, I'm not really finding what I'm looking for.


I can easily send an SNMP trap once the limit is reached, but that doesn't really accomplish what I'm looking to do here (graph this data over time in my own SNMP-based monitoring system and setup my own alert thresholds).


There's also the section for "Collecting BIG-IP system data on SSL transactions using SNMP" on that page, this seems to be SSL TPS over all time, and similar for Compression under the "Collecting BIG-IP system data on throughput rates using SNMP"


Is anyone doing something similar to this?


How are you currently tracking and alerting on your license limits to appropriately plan for future capacity needs?


Thanks! -Joe