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Feb 14, 2012

Monitor availability of Virtual servers using SNMP



I am trying to monitor our BigIP ( BIG-IP 10.2.2 Build 930.0 Hotfix HF3 ) through SNMP.


One of the report that I have develop is to monitor the availability of the Virtual Servers.



I am polling the following SNMP OID (ltmVirtualServAvailabilityState).


It only return the status on the common partition. Our F5 are configured with 2 partition.



I quickly searched on DevCentral and find this link



This issue should have been fixed in release (9.4.2).



Can someone advise how to poll the status of the Virtualserver on the non common Partition?







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  • can you try this?

    [root@ve1023:Active] config  b version|grep -iA 1 version
    BIG-IP Version 10.2.3 112.0
    Final Edition
    [root@ve1023:Active] config  b virtual bar list
    virtual bar {
       snat automap
       pool foo
       partition par1
    [root@ve1023:Active] config  b pool foo list
    pool foo {
       monitor all http
       partition par1
       members {}
    [root@ve1023:Active] config  snmpwalk -v 2c -c public localhost F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState
    F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState."bar" = INTEGER: green(1)
    [root@ve1023:Active] config  snmptranslate -On F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB::ltmVsStatusAvailState