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Oct 03, 2016

Missing SOAPAction

Hey, I have a problem I think is easy to solve but this is my 1st time researching F5 rules. I'm a developer by trade but trying to figure out an urgent issue.


I have a problem with an obscure client of our SOAP services. Our WSDLs speficy am empty SoapAction but this client assume that without a SOAPAction, it won't even send the header.


Our server get a mixture of REST and SOAP requests so I am looking for a rule that will check only SOAP requests for a SOAPAction header and if it doesn't exist, add it.


Or, is this just as easy as doing something like this? HTTP::header replace SOAPAction ""


This is a little scorched earth but we don't have any SOAPAction anywhere. I don't think this would negatively affect other types of requests even it were be added to everything?


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  • I agree with your theory. It should not be a problem. You could always try to minimize the impact by only doing the replacement on requests containing "Content-type: text/xml" (of course depending on your application).


    You're also right about the command. Guess you've seen the wiki page, but just in case:



    Hope that helped. :)