RSA Conference 2022 - That's a wrap! Here's what you may have missed

RSA Conference is one of the biggest conferences you can attend in our industry. It was last held in person in February 2020 with 36,000 attendees, although previous years saw numbers around 45,000 attendees.

In 2021, it was held virtually and everyone has been excited to get back to an in-person event in 2022.

This year, the show floor had a great amount of energy! I reconnected with many old friends and I met many people for the first time in person, having only seen them online otherwise, whether co-workers or other industry friends.

Some common discussions happening around the F5 booth this year were:

  • What's new with F5? and filling them in on Distributed Cloud and WAAP
  • What are you doing for Fraud?
  • What are APIs and how do you protect them?
  • What is your approach to Zero Trust?

These themes guided some of the videos that PSilva and I created during the week. We realize not everyone can attend the event so we wanted to document the event as best we can and share the experience with viewers. We even tried using a 360 camera to create a VR experience for everyone. And we also pulled off a Live Stream from the show floor!

Below is all of the main videos we created for the week. We created some additional Bonus Content that is geared towards the members of the DevCentral Connects Group as well - please join the group in order to see that feed.

Some of the shorter content will just end up on our social accounts so be sure to follow us there as well.

Peter: LinkedIn / Twitter 

Buu: LinkedIn / Twitter

Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!









Published Jun 10, 2022
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