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Jul 25, 2022

Migrating Cisco meeting server behind F5 with LTM and ASM implementation

Hi F5 members,


I am trying to migrate our existing CMS server behind F5  enabling ASM policy for its Webservices. I have created few VIP like for HTTP/HTTPS, one VIP for all otherTCP services and one more VIP for UDP services. Services seems to be working fine but when I did a packet capture, I did not observe any traffic apart from 443 from Client end. 

I verified that other non-HTTP ports are up and communication from WAF to server is also fine.

Do we have any proper guidance/steps on this? As I am still not satisfied with this because we are able to see other port communication through existing routing like SIP,XMPP which is not through F5.

Expecting a feasible solution on this.