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Jun 01, 2012

Microsoft RDS 2008 R2 on BIG IP LTM : Broker error




After reading a lot topic, microsoft RDS 2008 R2 deployement guide and f5-microsoft-remote-desktop-services guide for RDS 2008 R2, I'm still facing to a connection error.



When I try to add my RDSH farm as RemoteApp sources on the broker I have the following error :"Unable to connect to . Do you still want to add as a RemoteApp source?". It seems that RDCB is not able to connect to the virtual IP of BIG IP pool.


I have this error when using F5 virtual IP or farm DNS name




For information:


I'm able to connect directly on each RDSH server using F5 virtual IP or the session load-balancing is work on this way.


When I ping (from RDCB server) both F5 virtual IP and farm DNS name (, ping is successed.



farm DNS name is linked to F5 virtual IP adress








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