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Mar 14, 2013

Media files do not buffer/stream




There are multiple content in our websites which are Media files most are swf (flash), they do not stream like a normal media/video file, rather they get downloaded completely and then start playing.



People say that this was working when the site was loadbalanced by APACHE, and problem started after migration to LTM


Any suggestions?



Version 10.2


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  • problem started after migration to LTMso,... what is the problem??
  • Earlier the video files used to start playing with some part downloaded (Live Streaming) and simultaneously remaining part was downloaded (Like a normal Youtube video)



    Now - It starts playing only when the complete file is downloaded to browser


  • is it rtmp? what variation are you using?



    Real Time Messaging Protocol




    can you post the virtual server configuration?
  • I think it is using RTMPT as everything works on HTTP/HTTPS only




    Config (Modified to remove propitiatory data)










    virtual {


    snat automap




    ip protocol tcp




    profiles {








    tcp-lan-optimized {






    tcp-wan-optimized {














    HTTP Profile





    profile http {


    defaults from http-wan-optimized-compression-caching


    ramcache disable


    compress content type include {










    compress content type exclude none













    rule {


    when RULE_INIT {


    set safe_http_methods [list "GET" "PUT" "DELETE" "POST" "HEAD"]







    set trafficLog "[IP::remote_addr] -> "





    when HTTP_REQUEST {


    set trafficLog "[HTTP::method] [HTTP::uri]"


    Reject unsupported HTTP methods


    if { ![matchclass [HTTP::method] equals $::safe_http_methods] } {


    set trafficLog "$trafficLog REJECTED:badMethod"


    log local0. $trafficLog


    HTTP::respond 200 content "PROTOCOL ERRORAccess Denied: Unsupported HTTP METHOD.


    Please contact customer support for further details." noserver




    Before we consider sticky sessions


    switch -glob [string tolower [HTTP::uri]] {


    "/outtage" -


    "/maintenance.html" {


    HTTP::respond 200 content "Maintenance HTML Here" noserver




    "*.exe*" -


    "*.dll*" -


    "/index.html" -


    "/sso/" -


    "/sso/index.html" -


    "/jboss.css" -


    "/logo.gif" -


    "/manager*" -


    "/status*" -


    "/jmx-console*" -


    "/web-console*" -


    "/jbossws*" {


    Unauthorized Access Attempted


    set trafficLog "$trafficLog REJECTED:secureURI"


    log local0. $trafficLog


    HTTP::respond 200 content "PROTOCOL ERRORAccess Denied: Secure URI.


    Please contact customer support for further details." noserver




    "/" -


    "" {


    Auto-redirect to main login page


    set trafficLog "$trafficLog 302 REDIRECT:mainLogin"


    log local0. $trafficLog


    HTTP::respond 302 noserver Location "https://[HTTP::host]/test/Web/Main"






    Enforce Sticky Sessio


    if { [HTTP::cookie "JSESSIONID"] ne "" } {


    persist uie [HTTP::cookie "JSESSIONID"] 1920




    Finally, Loadbalance requests not handled above


    switch -glob [string tolower [HTTP::uri]] {


    "/gatekeeper*" -


    "/scorm_launch*" -


    "/aicc_bridge*" {


    use pool test-content-tomcat-pool




    "/assets*" -


    "/prodasset*" -


    "/content*" -


    "/deskassets*" -


    "/prodcontent*" -


    "/production*" -


    "/test_images*" {


    use pool test-content-apache-pool




    "/axis*" -


    "/test*" {


    use pool test-app-pool






  • Also, I tried following things



    Attached default stream profile "Stream" on the VIP


    Added applicaton/shockwave in the compression list on HTTP profile



    Not none of the above 2 helped