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Mar 23, 2012

MD5 checksum before upgrade




In order to upgrade Active and Passive BigIP to version, I downloaded BIGIP- and BIGIP- from F5downloads website.



Before starting the upgrade, I would like to check the ISO file.



md5sum BIGIP-


ef58015b152179b95bcce9d4331ba559 BIGIP-



cat BIGIP-


1a44eca3d6b0fd9826120b130b9f00fd BIGIP-



As you can see results mismatch.



I checked all size files and It seems correct.



Do you have any idea why it mismatches ?




Thank you


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  • Hi Alex,



    The ISO I have downloaded matches the .md5 file's checksum. I would download the file again.



    Which protocol did you use to download the file from If you chose FTP and used an FTP client, is it possible the transfer was set for ASCII? Else, maybe the download just became corrupt regardless of the protocol used.



  • Hello Aaron,



    It was my anti-virus which corrupted the file.





  • Hi,


    Why we using md5sum command base image and cat for md5 file to verify? any reason?


  • IRONMAN please start a new question, that makes it clearer for others to find it.


    md5sum calculates a MD5 value of file the cat on the MD5 file shows the value that F5 calculated on that same file


    comparing these two values makes makes sure it is correct.