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May 12, 2011

MaxConnectionsPerServer - IE6 Hangs

I am currently experiencing an issue with connections from an IE6 browser to a VIP. I have a client using IE6 and every 6 to 10 connections made, the browser hangs. After initial investigations, changing the registry setting MaxConnectionsPerServer to higher than the default would resolve the connectivity issues. Unfortunatly the client is unable to upgrade the version of IE therefore I was hoping that a setting on the F5 may help to resolve the issue?




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  • Hi Vik,



    I think you'd need to get a better idea of what's breaking before trying to find an LTM based workaround. Can you use Fiddler and/or tcpdump to capture the issue? Once you have a more specific idea of what's breaking, you could start considering fixes on LTM.



  • Hi Aaron



    Thanks for getting back so quickly, we have done a tcpdump on all sides and noticed that the server sends the client a FIN packet. It looks like the browser is not shutting down the session therefore the server is timing it out. Whe nwe by-pass the F5, we cannot replicate the issue but this could be just because we have reduced the latency. Have you seen this type of issue before with IE6?






  • Nope, I don't remember any issues like this with IE6. You might try opening a case with F5 Support to see if they have any ideas.



  • Thanks Aaron,



    We are still looking into this issue and I will post the outcome. The issue is a known fault with IE6 but we are still investigating whether we can treat the sympton by utilising the F5.